Agile Business Rule Development for Business Analysts Training

Course #:WA2179

Agile Business Rule Development for Business Analysts Training

This class is targeted to people who will, 1) be responsible for capturing, documenting and analyzing the business rules relevant to a domain, 2) collaborate with developers to set-up the rule authoring infrastructure in JRules 7.1, 3) author and test business rules in JRules 7.1, and 4) collaborate with developers to set-up rule governance processes.

What you will learn

Attendees will learn how to do all of the above within the context of Agile Business Rule Development. Specifically, they will learn:

  • The full ABRD process from requirements to a production application,
  • The basics and best practices for, a) business modeling, b) rule capture, and c) rule analysis
  • Design issues and JRules functionalities for setting up the rule authoring infrastructure
  • How to author business rule artifacts
  • Decision Validation Services, the JRules rule testing framework
  • Rule governance issues and JRules functionalities


This class is targeted towards, 1) business analysts, who are the intermediaries between business and IT, who need to be versed in business rule development methodologies and tools, 2) application or portfolio managers, who need an overall knowledge of the business rules approach, and 3) 'power rule authors', who will be responsible for authoring most of the business rules.


4 Days

Outline of Agile Business Rule Development for Business Analysts Training

  • An introduction to business rules and ABRD
    • What is a business rule
    • Advantages of business rules approach
    • An introduction to ABRD
  • An overview of the IBM Websphere ILOG JRules BRMS
    • Anatomy of a business rules application
    • Components of JRules BRMS
  • Agile Business Rule Development - introduction
    • Principles
    • The harvesting cycle
    • The prototyping cycle
    • The building cycle
    • The integrating cycle
    • The enhancing cycle
  • The harvesting cycle
    • Introduction to business modeling
    • Rule discovery
    • Rule analysis
  • The prototyping cycle
    • Introduction
      • A refresher on the prototyping cycle
      • The lifecycle of a business rule
    • Setting up the rule authoring infrastructure
      • Rule project structure
      • BOM design
      • Organizing rule execution (ruleset signatures, ruleflows)
    • An introduction into rule authoring in JRules 7.1
      • JRules rule languages
      • JRules rule artifacts
      • JRules rule authoring environments
  • Authoring action rules
    • Structure of an action rule
    • Authoring conditions
    • Variables - take 1
    • Authoring actions
    • Variables - take 2
    • Working with collections
    • Boolean logic
  • Authoring decision tables and decision trees
    • Authoring decision tables
    • Authoring decision trees
    • Loading decision tables and decision trees from API (optional)
  • Rule patterns
    • Implementing constraints & guidelines
    • Implementing inferences and computations
    • Implementing rule overriding relationships
  • The building cycle
    • An overview of the building cycle
    • An overview of rule testing
    • Decision validation services
      • Intro
      • Preparing projects for DVS
      • Configuring test scenario files
      • Configuring the RES for DVS
      • Analyzing test reports
  • The enhancing cycle
    • An overview of the enhancing cycle
    • Issues in rule governance
    • Querying and analyzing rules
    • Implementing rule governance in JRules
  • Epilogue
    • The benefits of the business rules approach
    • A recap of ABRD
    • The road towards the successful adoption of the business rules approach/ABRD
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