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Course #:WA2158

DB2 for z/OS: Systems Administration Training

This course is the definitive DB2 systems administration course. It comprises all the information required to understand and manage DB2 system functions. It describes and explains the installation and tailoring of the DB2 system and its attachments, system security, problem determination, system recovery and performance issues.
This course is applicable to all DB2 for z/OS environments.


On successful completion of this course attendees will be able to:

  • describe the address space structure and components of a DB2 subsystem
  • understand the DB2 installation process
  • identify DB2 functions that best suit the requirements of their site
  • implement security for the DB2 system
  • understand and implement DB2 system and data recovery and restart procedures
  • understand the control and use DB2 trace information to perform system and application tuning
  • administer packages and plans
  • understand the basic problem determination tools.


System Programmers, technical DBAs and other technical support personnel responsible for implementing and/or managing a DB2 for z/OS system.


A working knowledge of TSO/ISPF and a basic understanding of SQL and DB2 objects (databases, tables, indexes, etc.) used in DB2 systems.


3 days

Outline of DB2 for z/OS: Systems Administration Training

1. DB2 System Architecture

  • DB2 address spaces
  • attachments
  • buffer and EDM pools
  • system datasets and databases
  • logging
  • distributed and shared data concepts

2. DB2 System Installation

  • Installation steps
  • install CLIST
  • installation jobs
  • compatibility, enable new function and new function modes

3. Connecting to DB2

  • DB2 attachments
  • controlling connections to DB2

4. DB2 Security

  • DB2 system security
  • GRANT and REVOKE statements
  • security privileges.

5. DB2 logging

  • Log buffers
  • active logs
  • archive logs
  • BSDS
  • checkpoints

6. DB2 data recovery

  • Invoking DB2 utilities
  • backup and recovery utilities
  • point-in-time recovery

7. DB2 System Recovery

  • starting DB2
  • start-up phases
  • deferred restart
  • conditional restart

8. DB2 Monitoring & Control

  • DB2 traces
  • controlling traces
  • using basic trace information to perform system and application tuning
  • controlling DB2 and attachments

9. Problem Determination

  • DB2 messages and codes
  • diagnostic tools
  • problem identification and resolution

10. Performance & Tuning

  • SLAs
  • performance aims
  • performance factors
  • tuning
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