Troubleshooting z/OS Operational Problems Training

Course #:WA2156

Troubleshooting z/OS Operational Problems Training

This course describes and explains what can go wrong in an IBM Mainframe environment, and what you can do about it as an operator or systems programmer. It looks at failure situations from many points of view: the physical computer rooms, hardware problems and the software environment. The software environment is further examined by looking at the Recovery Termination Manager (RTM) - the 'cleaning-up' function of z/OS - and its ABEND-concept. All the different reports that come out of an MVS system in conjunction with failures (messages, dumps, traces, etc.) are also discussed. The most common reasons for system ABENDs and how you can analyze the information coming out of the system when they occur are also covered.


z/OS operations personnel and systems programmers.


An understanding of z/OS generally and of operational concepts in a z/OS system in particular - as taught in the course z/OS & JES2 Operations.


3 Days.

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