Parallel Sysplex - Operations, Troubleshooting & Recovery Training

Course #:WA2154

Parallel Sysplex - Operations, Troubleshooting & Recovery Training

This course introduces the parallel sysplex's operations environment and teaches how the consoles should be set up in a sysplex, the commands and the command facilities for sysplex operations. It also explains the IPL process and how it changes in a sysplex, showing the correct way to IPL and remove systems in this environment, as well as covering the various errors that can occur at IPL time and how to deal with them. For troubleshooting, the course highlights how all the major points of failure can be detected, recognised and dealt with, including such areas as loss of systems, signalling paths, Coupling Facilities, structures, sysplex timers and Couple Data Sets. This newly upgraded and redesigned course now includes extensive hands-on practical sessions, including real-life recovery scenarios!


This course is ideal for all Systems Programmers, Operations and Support personnel whose responsibilities include operating the parallel sysplex and who must recognise and respond to problems occurring in the parallel sysplex environment.


Familiarity with z/OS commands and a good understanding of the principles and concepts of parallel sysplex, including XCF commands.


3 Days

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