• Deep dive into the Product Owner role
  • Expectations of the Product Owner
  • Time management for the busy Product Owner
  • The Product Owner’s Expectations for the Team
  • Working with Business Users & SMEs
  • Defining a Vision and Conditions of Satisfaction
  • Building the Product Backlog
  • Best Practices for Identifying & Writing Stories
  • Effective Prioritization techniques
  • Writing good Acceptance Criteria
  • Conducting Refinement sessions
  • Being a “Leader” & setting goals
  • Motivating High-Performing Teams


This course is intended for all roles who would be actively engaged in creating, prioritizing and maintaining Agile backlogs including Product Owners, Business/Requirements Analysts and Business SMEs.


A basic understanding of the Agile lifecycle is recommended.


2 Days

Outline for Agile for Product Owners Workshop Training

1. Deep Dive into the Product Owner Role

  • What is Expected from the Product Owner?
  • Time Management
  • Product Owner Proxies
  • What You Should Expect of the Team and SM
  • Managing Team Conflicts
  • Becoming a Servant Leader

2. The Agile Planning Framework

  • What are the Agile Levels of Planning?
  • What is the Impact of Multitasking and not Limiting WIP?
  • What Does an Enterprise Lean Portfolio View Look Like?
  • How to Apply Agile to  Idea Qualification and Project Initiation?
  • What Does ‘Progressive Elaboration’ and ‘Rolling Wave Planning’ mean?
  • How Can I Tailor the Planning Process to My Own Needs?

3. Creating the Product Backlog

  • Types of Backlogs
  • Types of Stories
  • Epics vs Stories

4. Guidelines to Good Stories

  • Story Best Practices
  • What makes a Good Story (sizing and substance)
  • Finding Additional Stories
  • Balance of Up-Front vs Just-in-Time details

5. Defining Acceptance Criteria

  • What are Acceptance Criteria
  • Qualities of Good Acceptance Criteria
  • When to write Acceptance Criteria

6. Refining the Product Backlog

  • Backlog Grooming
  • Prioritizing the Backlog
  • Story Elaboration