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Agile Business Leadership Training

It seems that every business these days is called upon to be more ‘agile’ or ‘lean’.  But does that mean exactly?  Furthermore, a variety of other terms such as ‘iterative’ and ‘incremental’ get tossed around.  But at the end of the day, all that truly matters is how your organization can best align IT and Business in a way that is efficient and value-added.

This course can be delivered in one of two formats:

Option 1: A half-day executive overview of ‘Agile’ and how businesses can get more business value out of IT by cutting out non value-added project management and software development cycles and drive a better alignment between Business and IT.

Option 2: A full day format that includes a more detailed dive for project managers and team leads into Agile principles and opportunities.  This allows a more elaborate and organization-specific conversation to take place regarding the applicability of Agile in certain contexts.


  • Understand key concepts and terms of Agile, Scrum, and Lean
  • Identify the business advantages of adopting an agile approach to software development
  • Explore the trade-offs and significant change management impacts of an agile approach
  • Highlight the opportunities that may exist within the enterprise for leverage agile to deliver more business value


This course is intended for anyone who is interested in learning about the Agile and its relevance to increasing IT efficiency and delivering more business value.




One Day

Outline of Agile Business Leadership Training

Part 1 – Agile Business Leadership Overview (half-day)

1. Agile Methodology Fundamentals

  • Agile practices and principles
  • What is iterative development?
  • Why Agile?
  • Agile benefits vs. waterfall
  • What is Scrum- an overview of Scrum process flow
  • Scrum Roles and responsibilities
  • Traditional Management vs. Scrum

2. Aligning Business and IT

  • Why do Business and IT so often disconnect?
  • Solving with increased visibility
  • Solving with better scoping and accelerated business involvement
  • Best practices in driving Business and IT alignment


Part 2 – Agile Business Leadership Deep-dive (half-day)

3. Delivering Business Value through Agile

  • Setting expectations
  • Managing through stories and sprints
  • Managing backlogs
  • Adapting to changing demands

4. What Agile Won’t Do

  • The problem of inadequate skills
  • The challenge of politics
  • Identifying unrealistic expectations
  • Cutting corners and/or being faster
  • Change management obstacles

5. Next Steps

  • Is Agile right for your organization?
  • Which method should you adopt?
  • Should every project be agile?
  • What would the adoption strategy look like?
  • Where do you go from here?
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