Using HCD for I/O Configuration Training

Course #:WA2129

Using HCD for I/O Configuration Training

This course will provide experienced z/OS Systems Programmers with essential information on the Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) program, the I/O configuration tool for the z/OS environment.


On successful completion of this course attendees will be able to:

  • describe the role of HCD and IOCP/MVSCP
  • use HCD panels to define a configuration comprising Processors, Logical Channel Subsystems, LPARs and EMIF, Channels (ESCON, FICON, OSA, CF links, Hipersockets and Routers), Control Units and I/O devices
  • describe the constraints and issues in building an I/O configuration
  • understand the concept of Logical Control units and Parallel Access Volumes
  • define FICON and ESCON directors
  • define the OS Configuration
  • define Eligible Device Tables (esoterics, tokens and generics)
  • define NIP consoles
  • create validated work IODFs
  • use the CHPID Mapping tool to include PCHIDs in the configuration
  • create production IODFs
  • plan for Dynamic I/O reconfigurations
  • use HCD functions to maintain the IODFs
  • migrate an IOCP.


Systems Programmers and other technicians who need to understand how a z/OS I/O configuration is designed and implemented.


Fundamental MVS skills.


3 Days

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