Using z/OS Assembler Training

Course #:WA2119

Using z/OS Assembler Training

The definitive Assembler course. It is designed for both systems and application programmers who need to understand Assembler, either to install and maintain systems software or to maintain and amend application programs or packages written in Assembler. This course describes how Assembler works and how to read, interpret and modify Assembler routines.


Programmers and systems programmers who will need to 'read, mend and modify' Assembler programs.


Experience of using z/OS, including using TSO/ISPF and submitting batch jobs. For programmers it is an advantage to have a good knowledge of either a high level (e.g. COBOL or PL/I) or a procedural language (e.g. CLISTs or REXX).


5 Days

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