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Course #:WA2118

RACF Administration Workshop Training

This course uses hands-on labs to help new RACF administrators and auditors learn how to define, administer, monitor and audit the RACF security product. Students learn about the facilities, authorities and attributes of RACF and how to best use them to meet the access control requirements of their organization, whether the RACF database is stand-alone, shared in a sysplex or synchronized in a distributed network.


This course is designed for system programmers, security administrators, operations personnel, technical support staff, management and other individuals responsible for the administration of their installation's security.

What you will learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Understand how RACF interacts with applications, job streams, and resources
  • Define group structures and relate users to groups in this structure
  • Create and administer resource access by using generic and discrete resource profiles
  • Define new resource classes to RACF
  • Tailor the RACF system through options, tables and profiles
  • Administer tape data set protection
  • Maintain RACF databases in a multi-system environment whether shared in a sysplex or synchronized across a distributed network
  • Use RACF utilities to generate auditor reports and maintain the RACF database


Students need a basic understanding of the z/OS-MVS operating system and job processing.

  • z/OS Fundamentals


5 Days


Outline of RACF Administration Workshop Training

  • The RACF Group Structure
  • Adding and Connecting Users
  • Defining Data Set Profiles and Access Lists
  • Defining General Resource Profiles
  • The SETROPTS Command
  • RACF Housekeeping and the Started Task Table
  • RACF in a Multi-System Environment
  • RACF Maintenance Utilities
  • RACF Reporting Utilities
  • RACF in a Networking Environment
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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
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