z/OS System Fundamentals Boot Camp Training

Course #:WA2109

z/OS System Fundamentals Boot Camp Training

This Boot Camp forms the core course of the z/OS curriculum. By attending, attendees will gain a solid foundation in the fundamental structure of MVS, enabling further skills development in areas such as debugging, performance, installation and customization of the MVS operating system. The first week concentrates on laying the ground rules of MVS in terms of architecture, storage management, major MVS control blocks and how to interpret them, and also introduces the major MVS components.


All z/OS Systems Programmers and others who wish to gain a fundamental understanding of z/OS MVS in order to improve their proficiency in the MVS environment.

What you will learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Understand how MVS components prepare, execute, and exit work
  • Use data areas manuals to locate and interpret major MVS control blocks
  • Identify CPU state by examining the PSW and executing units of work
  • Explain how MVS-z/OS accepts work and how SVCs, the dispatcher, resource control, and interrupts affect execution
  • Understand virtual storage concepts
  • Explain the role of access methods, the EXCP driver IOS, and the channel subsystem in handling requests for DASD data


A good understanding of the z/OS environment, including TSO/ISPF and JCL.

  • z/OS Fundamentals
  • z/OS Subsystem Fundamentals


10 Days

Outline of z/OS System Fundamentals Boot Camp Training

  • Architecture and Hardware Basics
  • An Introduction to MVS
  • Control Blocks and Dumps
  • Virtual Storage Concepts
  • MVS Storage Management
  • Dataspaces & Hiperspaces
  • System Initialization
  • Job Management
  • Resource Control
  • Program Manager
  • Dispatcher
  • Inter Address Space Communication
  • SVC Processing
  • Recovery Termination Management
  • Workload Manager and SRM
  • Direct Access Storage Devices
  • Data Management and I/O Flow
  • Parallel Sysplex
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