End-users, system programmers, application programmers, administrators and support personnel will benefit from this hands-on lab experience.


  • By the end of the course, you will be able to...
  • Understand the role and history of UNIX as an Open System
  • Login and use the UNIX system in a productive manner
  • Employ most of the common UNIX commands, tools, and utilities
  • Create shell scripts to automate repetitious or onerous tasks
  • Manipulate files and extract data using the 'sed' and 'awk' programs


The are no prerequisites for this course.


5 Days

Outline for UNIX Boot Camp Training

  • Introduction to UNIX
  • Basic UNIX Commands
  • The Editor: Basic vi
  • The Editor: More vi
  • More UNIX Commands
  • File Compare Utilities
  • Job Execution
  • Shell Programming Techniques
  • Using sed and awk