IMS DBRC Training

Course #:WA2051

IMS DBRC Training

This course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the management and recovery of databases, systems and logs under DBRC through IMS version 9. Topics include RECON datasets, DBRC tracking of log datasets, database datasets and IMS systems; database registration; subsystem interaction and authorization; IMS utility interaction including reorganizations, image copies, change accumulation, database recovery, and batch backout; DBRC system issues; and review and discussion of your RECON. On-line labs are used to reinforce lectures.


This course is designed for IMS system programmers, technical support staff, database administrators and senior IMS application programmers.


By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Describe DBRCs role in supporting IMS logging, database recovery and data sharing
  • Understand, use and maintain information in the RECONs about systems, log data sets,
    reorganizations, image copies, change accumulations, recoveries and batch backouts
  • Perform database recovery tasks under the control of DBRC
  • Implement DBRC control of database sharing
  • Describe the authorization process and its function of protecting database integrity
  • Understand and use the changes and enhancements to DBRC that IMS V8 and V9 have introduced


Students should have experience with TSO/ISPF, MVS JCL,VSAM AMS, and an understanding of the IMS database utilities and on-line logging.


5 Days

Outline of IMS DBRC Training

  • DBRC Overview
  • RECON Data Sets
  • Logging
  • Subsystem Interaction
  • Database Registration
  • Authorization
  • Reorganization & Image Copy
  • Change Accumulation
  • Database Recovery
  • Generating JCL
  • Batch Backout
  • RECON System Issues
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