Course #:WA2050

z/OS MVS Entry Level System Programmer Boot Camp Training

Attendees will gain a solid foundation in the fundamental structure of MVS, enabling further study in areas such as debugging, performance, installation and customisation of the MVS operating system. This part concentrates on laying the ground rules of MVS in terms of architecture, storage management, major MVS control blocks and how to interpret them. The course also introduces the major MVS components.


This course is designed for those who wish to gain a fundamental understanding of z/OS MVS in order to improve their proficiency in the MVS environment.


By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Introduce major Operating system components
  • Detail the IPL Process
  • Define System Modifications
  • Describe SMP/E Receive, Apply and Accept processes
  • Write effective CLISTs
  • Write effective REXX Execs
  • Describe JES installation and start-up options
  • Describe VTAM start-up options
  • Tailor the TSO environment
  • Introduce SMS and the Interactive Storage Management Facility
  • Define the hardware configuration using HCD
  • Successful debugging using IPCS
  • Monitor system performance using RMF and WLM


A good technical understanding of the z/OS environment.

  • z/OS Fundamentals


10 Days

Outline of z/OS MVS Entry Level System Programmer Boot Camp Training

  • MVS Internals
  • System Implementation and Initialization
  • Utilities
  • Software Installation
  • SMPE Receive
  • SMPE Apply
  • SMPE Accept
  • CLISTs
  • REXX
  • Storage Management
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Performance and Tuning
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