An Operations Guide to z/OS Training

Course #:WA1997

An Operations Guide to z/OS Training

This class provides a variety of subject matter pertaining to the day to day operation of an IBM mainframe computer system. It covers both hardware and software related issues, from I/O configuration details including FICON connectivity, to the processor’s use of storage, to IPL considerations. Many aspects of a typical mainframe processing configuration are considered. Work flow through the system is covered, as are various problem determination issues such as when an I/O error related fault occurs.


This course is designed for operations, field systems engineering, programming and technical management personnel who require an understanding of the basic hardware, software and processes that represent the operating environment of an IBM mainframe running the z/OS operating system.


By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  •     Describe the virtual storage layout of the MVS/ESA system
  •     Interpret MVS/ESA system command syntax notation
  •     Use MVS/ESA informational commands
  •     Initialize an MVS/ESA system
  •     Use MVS/ESA system commands to control I/O peripherals, system consoles, and other system resources
  •     Understand the operational states of an MVS/ESA system
  •     Diagnose several common MVS/ESA problem situations


Students attending this class should possess a working knowledge of basic computer systems. No mainframe specific background is assumed.


3 Days

Outline of An Operations Guide to z/OS Training

  • System Control Commands
  • Hardware and Addressing
  • I/O Control Commands
  • Informational Commands
  • Multiple Console Support
  • Console Control Commands
  • Master Console Commands
  • Problem Determination
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