In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Use a page layout to create a new page
  • Manage versioning and applying them to content
  • Use SharePoint publishing
  • Define items in a HTML editor
  • Create in SharePoint Designer assets that you can place into Visual Studio solutions
  • Use content types in web content management
  • Use and configure Out-of-the-Box Navigation
  • Use administration for MOSS search and configuration
  • Use strategies for rolling up content within Site Collections

Outline for SharePoint 2010 for WCM Training

Introduction to SharePoint Publishing

  • Create Sites and Pages
  • Use the Editing Tools
  • Use and Manage Images and Media Files
  • Manage and Publish Content

Site Design and Administration

  • Basic SharePoint Administration
  • Create and Configure Web Applications
  • Configure Forms Based Authentication with SQL Server
  • Create and Configure Site Collections and Sites
  • Use Host Headers and Alternate Access Mappings
  • Configure Caching and Super User Accounts


  • Use the Publishing Infrastructure to Manage Branding Assets
  • Use and Apply Cutsom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Build and Deploy Custom Master Pages
  • Customize the Format Text Ribbon's Styles and Markup Styles Buttons

Page Layouts and Content Types

  • Create Site Columns and Content Types in the Browser
  • Deploy Site Columns and Content Types with Features
  • Create Custom Page Layouts with SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Deploy Custom Page Layouts with Features

Managing and Delivering Content

  • Understand and Apply Security and Roles for Authors, Editors and Approvers
  • Enable Anonymous Access
  • Partition Sites with Security Zones
  • Configure and Use Version Control
  • Enable Approval Processes and Workflows
  • Target Information with Audiences
  • Schedule Content Availability
  • Configure and Use Content Deployment

Search and Navigation

  • Configure and Use Search Center Sites
  • Basic Branding of Search Center Sites
  • Configure Navigation on a Publishing Site
  • Design Sites to Facilitate Navigability
  • Modify Menu Controls for Flyout Menus

Displaying Content with Web Parts and JavaScript

  • Use XML, XSL and the XML Viewer Web Part
  • Use the Content Query Web Part
  • Understand and Use the New Content Query Web Part Features in 2010
  • Modify the Output of the Content Query Web Part with XSL
  • Use the Client Object Model and JQuery to Display Interactive Content

Custom Publishing Site Definitions

  • Understand Site Definition Basics
  • Create Site Definitions with Visual Studio 2010
  • Use the PortalProvisioningProvider to Create Site Collections with Subsites
  • Apply Publishing Infrastructure Features to a Custom Site Definition
  • Configure Base Versioning and Navigation Settings Declaratively
  • Add Resources Using Features Stapling