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Testing Mobile Applications Android Edition Training (Coming Soon)

Testing mobile applications involve unique challenges. This course teaches these challenges and how to mitigate them. Techniques to test most commonly used aspects of an Android application are covered.

What students will learn?

  • What are the new challenges of testing mobile applications.
  • How to unit test Android applications.
  • Testing for multiple devices.
  • Testing for naturalization.
  • Testing SQL database.
  • Testing location based applications.
  • Testing telephony services.


Software testers who are responsible for testing Android mobile applications.


Previous experience in software testing.


2 days.

Outline of Testing Mobile Applications Android Edition Training

Chapter 1. Introduction to Mobile Testing

  • Types of testing – unit, function, performance, natural language.
  • Challenges of mobile testing.
  • A framework for mobile testing.

Chapter 2. The Architecture of Android

  • Key Components Stack
  • The Kernel
  • Libraries
  • The Dalvik JVM
  • Application Framework
  • Applications
  • Activity
  • Service
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Summary

Chapter 3. Unit Testing Applications

  • Introduction
  • Manual unit testing using the AVD emulator
  • Using the DDMS client.
  • Using adb.
  • Android Testing Framework
  • The Architecture
  • Creating a Test Project
  • Test Case Class for an Activity
  • Test Initialization
  • Writing a Test Case Method
  • Service Test Case Class
  • Running Test Cases
  • Useful Methods of an Activity Test Case Class
  • Additional Assertion Function
  • The TouchUtils Class
  • Developing and Testing on a Device
  • Stress Test Monkey
  • Third Party Testing Tools
  • Summary

Chapter 4. Function Testing Applications

  • Introduction.
  • Installing an application in a device.
  • Testing for activity lifecycle.
  • Testing for low memory situation.
  • Testing for device orientation change.
  • Testing for different resolution.
  • Naturalization testing.

Chapter 5. Testing Disk Storage

  • Introduction.
  • Testing application preferences.
  • Testing file storage.
  • Testing storage on SD card.
  • Testing for SQL database storage.
  • Testing for version upgrade and SQL schema change.

Chapter 6. Testing Network Access

  • Introduction.
  • Testing for web server access.
  • Test for different network bandwidth.
  • Test for error situations.
  • Test with WI-FI and network service.
  • Test for offline behavior.

Chapter 7. Testing Location Based Services

  • Introduction.
  • Testing GPS based location fix.
  • Testing WI-FI and cell signal based location fix.
  • Testing MapView.
  • Testing for location change.

Chapter 8. Testing Telephony Services

  • Introduction.
  • Making a phone call.
  • Sending SMS message.
  • SMS message failure.
  • Reacting to call state change.

Chapter 9. Advanced Topics

  • Viewing application log using LogCat
  • Getting user crash report.
  • Summary.
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