What students will learn?

  • The architecture of Android.
  • Fundamentals of an Android application.
  • Accessing enterprise data from an application.
  • Mobile product development strategies.


Managers who are responsible for funding and success of an Android based project. Managers who will benefit from an Android based software or hardware.




Half a day.


Outline for Android for Executives Training

Chapter 1. The New Age of Mobile

  • What does mobile platform bring to table?
  • Networking
  • GPS and WI-FI based location
  • Motion sensors
  • Multimedia playback and recording
  • Why should enterprises consider mobile platform?
  • Most commonly uses of mobile software.

Chapter 2. Introduction to Android

  • What is Android?
  • A Short History
  • Advantages of Android
  • Disadvantages of Android
  • Q1 2010 Global Market Share
  • Q2 2010 Global Market Share
  • US Only Market Share - All Subscribers
  • US Only Market Share – New Subscribers
  • Android Carriers
  • References
  • Summary

Chapter 3. The Architecture of Android

  • Key Components Stack
  • The Kernel
  • Libraries
  • The Dalvik JVM
  • Application Framework
  • Applications
  • Summary

Chapter 4. Accessing Enterprise Data and Services

  • WI-FI and cellular network based network access
  • Network security
  • Storing data on the device

Chapter 5. Product Development Strategies

  • How do people use mobile devices? (Common usage scenarios).
  • Surveying a few industries – Retail, Healthcare and Government.
  • Types of software and hardware you can develop.

Chapter 6. Risks and Challenges

  • Security risks.
  • User friendliness problems.
  • Not meeting user's expectation.
  • Too late to go to market.