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Query Management Facility (QMF) for End-Users - z/OS Training

The concepts of DB2 are briefly presented and discussed.  The Structured Query Language (SQL) is presented as the means to access DB2 data.  Several guided, hands-on, practice sessions give each attendee an opportunity to use QMF to build “custom:” reports from DB2 data using the extensive powers of the QMF FORMs panels. Use several other QMF facilities such as Help, Retrieve/”?”, Save/Display, Export/Import, Prompted and SQL Query modes, PROCs.

What you will learn

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain DB2 concepts, terminology and components
  • SELECT rows of data from DB2 tables using the WHERE clause to retrieve specific rows
  • Format QMF Reports by modifying the QMF FORM
  • Build Queries with the PROMPTED MODE
  • JOIN tables together to get information from each
  • Use the SQL SubSelect feature of SQL
  • Build QMF Reports “beyond the basics” using FORM.MAIN, FORM.PAGE, FORM.COLUMNS, FORM.FINAL, FORM.BREAK1-6, and the (form) LAYOUT command
  • Build QMF Reports using “additional FORM features” such as FORM.OPTIONS, FORM.DETAIL, FORM.CALC, FORM.COND
  • Build QMF PROCedures to Run a series of QMF commands allowing for user input of Data and SQL as VARIABLES
  • Use the QMF TABLE EDIT facility to SEARCH through a table and to make CHANGES to a table
  • Build SQL SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE statements using the QMF DRAW command

End-Users and Information Technology personnel who need use the Query Management Facility (QMF) to build reports from DB2 data.


At least six months of TSO/ISPF experience is recommended. No previous database experience is needed.

  Three Days.

Outline of Query Management Facility (QMF) for End-Users - z/OS Training

Day 1

 1.  DB2 Concepts and Terminology

 2.  The SELECT Statement

 3.  QMF Basics

Hands-on Lab - QMF Report Formatting 1 – SELECT and QMF Basics

 4.  QMF PROMPTED Query - Introduction

 5.  Join and SubSelect

 6.  QMF PROMOTED Join 1

 7.  QMF PROMOTED Join 2

Hands-on Lab - QMF Report Formatting 1 – Join / SubSelect – SQL and / or PROMPTED

Day 2

 8.  QMF Report Formatting 1

Hands-on Lab - QMF Report Formatting 1 – Basic Capabilities

 9.  QMF Report Formatting 2

10.  QMF Forms Show

11.  QMF Export Import

12.  QMF Form Detail

Hands-on Lab - QMF Report Formatting 2 – FORM Detail

Day 3

13.  QMF PROCs – Multiple QMF Commands

Hands-on Lab - QMF PROCs 1 – using Multiple QMF Commands

14.  QMF PROCs – VARIABLES as Data and as SQL components

Hands-on Lab - QMF PROCs 2 – using PROCs with VARIABLES

15.  QMF TABLE EDITOR - Search

16.  QMF TABLE EDITOR - Change

Hands-on Lab - QMF Table Searches and Changes


18.  Additional Exercises

Hands-on Lab – Additional Exercises

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