FASTPATH - A Rapid Application Development Workshop Training

Course #:WA1831

FASTPATH - A Rapid Application Development Workshop Training

This seminar provides an improved solution to the problems caused by the explosion in the demand for information and the problems resulting from inadequate systems development productivity. Also discussed will be the benefits to be gained by adopting a rapid but rigorous and integrated approach to developing systems that satisfy business needs and objectives.

5 days

Outline of FASTPATH - A Rapid Application Development Workshop Training

1. Introduction

2. Forms of FASTPATH

3. Planning the FASTPATH Project

4. Defining FASTPATH Project Scope

5. Data Requirements (ERD)

6. Functional Requirements

7. Data Usage Analysis

8. Information Gathering Techniques

9. System Process Description

10. Prototyping

11. Presentation

12. System Controls

13. Project Review

14. Distributed Computing

15. Technology Architecture

16. Preliminary Design

17. Refine System Prototype

18. Data Design

19. Function

20. System Design Specification

21. System Controls

22. Implementation

23. Managing the Implementation of FASTPATH

24. People

25. Management

26. Managing the RAD life cycle

27. Productivity Tools

28. Project Planning

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