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Information Systems Planning Training

This seminar uses proven techniques to perform an ISP project and to measure the success of its end results. ISP is broken into a set of major tasks; within each task, a set of steps is performed to achieve the desired deliverable. Each of the steps has a simple and easy to understand example. A case study is used to provide practical experience.

What you will learn

The major end results of an ISP are fully explained:

  • The Information Strategic Plan
  • The Information Architecture
  • Current Systems Assessment
  • Technology Assessment
  • Migration Plan
  • Organizational Assessment

Senior Information Systems Managers, Data Administrators, Business System Analysts, Industrial Engineers, Senior Business Managers, IS and Corporate Planners and Project Team Members

3 day

Outline of Information Systems Planning Training

1. Introduction

  • Definition
  • Deliverables
  • Overview of ISP
  • Scoping and marketing the ISP
  • Team structure

2. Identifying Business Needs

  • Inventorying goals and problems
  • Key business processes
  • Business reengineering
  • Applying TQM

3. Information Modeling

  • Developing an enterprise model
  • Rules of information modeling

4. Function Modeling

Rules for business and function modeling
The "value chain" and  resource cycle
Initial identification of business areas

5. Interrelating Information

  • Relating functions to data (CRUD matrix)
  • Data responsibility matrix
  • Information Architecture

6. Current Environment Assessment

  • Inventorying current systems and data files
  • Assessing systems and migration issues

7. Technology Assessment

  • Inventorying current technologies
  • Assessing capability of new technologies

8. Organizational Assessment

  • Geographic distribution
  • Functional responsibilities

9. Business System Architecture

  • Selecting a Business Area
  • Affinity analysis and clustering

10. Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

  • Preparing for BPR
  • Different paradigms for BPR
  • Expected efficiency improvement

11. Defining Alternate Scenarios

  • Steps for constructing scenarios
  • Evaluating and presenting scenarios

12. Creating the Plan

  • Integrating with corporate strategy
  • Developing the full, detailed plan
  • Transition to BAA
  • Implementing the Plan

13. Critical Success Factors

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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887