Using ICEfaces with JSF Training

Course #:WA1763

Using ICEfaces with JSF Training

Learn to harness the power of the ICEfaces to develop thin-client rich Internet applications. Create a superior user experience and produce more effective enterprise JavaEE applications. This course covers in detail the entire ICEfaces Component Suite. Students will learn how to install and configure their local environment, develop and deploy ICEfaces applications that integrate the JavaServer Faces and Ajax technologies.


Java developers with experience developing Java Web applications, including JavaServer Pages and Servlets. If the students are not familiar with JavaServer Faces, then this course can be given in conjunction with our JavaServer Faces training.

  One Day.

Outline of Using ICEfaces with JSF Training

Chapter 1. Custom Components

  • UI Component Libraries
  • Using a Custom Component Library
  • The Components of a Component
  • Delivering JavaScript
  • Blending Client- and Server-Side Logic

Chapter 2. Ajax Applications

  • What is Ajax?
  • Request Formats
  • Asynchronous Response Handling
  • Alternatives: XMLHttpRequest
  • Alternatives: Direct Web Remoting
  • JSF for Ajax
  • ICEfaces

Chapter 3. ICEfaces Architecture

  • The ICEfaces Value Proposition
  • Acquiring and Configuring ICEfaces
  • PersistentFacesServlet and BlockingServlet
  • JSP, JSP Documents, and Facelets
  • Ajax via "Parital Submit"
  • Ajax Push: RenderManager vs. SessionRenderer
  • Drag and Drop
  • Security Features

Chapter 4. ICEfaces Components

  • Extended Components
  • Custom Components
  • Layout Managers
  • Component Stylesheets
  • <ice:dataTable>
  • <ice:selectDateInput>
  • <ice:panelTooltip>
  • <ice:panelPopup>
  • <ice:panelTabSet>
  • <ice:outputChart>
  • Visual Effects
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