Course #:WA1542

Mastering AJAX for ASP.NET Training

This training course teaches AJAX and all of its foundational technologies. XHTML and CSS2 are covered in details. Students will also learn the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) and how to manipulate a page dynamically in the client side using JavaScript. The AJAX API is covered in details. Students will also learn how to build their own AJAX based framework which will help them write complex applications quickly.

How does this course differ from so many other AJAX training courses offered by the competition?

  • We cover XHTML and CSS2 in details. Students will be able to write rich AJAX applications.
  • Students learn how to develop an AJAX framework.
  • We teach Microsoft's the powerful ASP.NET AJAX programming model.
  • We cover the several RPC mechanism - such as - XML, SOAP and JSON.


  • XHTML.
  • CSS2.
  • HTML Document Object Model (DOM) and the JavaScript API.
  • Client Server RPC mechanisms such as Web Service and JSON.
  • ASP.NET AJAX toolkit
  • Best practices and anti-patterns.

What you will learn

  After completing this AJAX training course, the student should be able to:
  • Understand what is AJAX and when to use AJAX.
  • Plan the architecture of an application that will use AJAX.
  • Manipulate look and feel and content of a page dynamically and in the client side using JavaScript. Because they learn CSS2 and HTML DOM, they will be able to create impressive visual effects and rich customer experience.
  • Make an AJAX application interact with the server using an RPC mechanism.
  • Know how to build the server side code to support an AJAX client.
  • Learn to use ASP.NET AJAX to build feature rich applications.


  • Web based application developers. The class is designed mainly for the ASP.NET developers.
  • Web site designers with good knowledge of Java Scripting can also take this class.


  ASP.NET based web application development. Basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.


  3 days.

Outline of Mastering AJAX for ASP.NET Training

1. Introduction to AJAX

  • What is AJAX?
  • A Simple Example
  • The Old Way
  • The AJAX Way
  • Two Key Aspects of AJAX
  • What are the Advantages of the AJAX Approach?
  • AJAX Technologies
  • The Basic AJAX API
  • Creating the XMLHttpRequest Object
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object Basics
  • Complete Example
  • The Timeline


  • What is XHTML?
  • The DTD and MIME Type
  • The Basic Syntax
  • Embedding XHTML in a XML Document
  • Differences With HTML 4
  • Embedding Scripts and Styles
  • The Standard Attributes
  • The <div> Element
  • The <span> Element

3. JavaScript DOM API

  • What is DOM?
  • Element Hierarchy
  • The document Object
  • Nodes and Elements
  • The Element Object
  • Element Event Handlers
  • The window Object
  • The Frame Object
  • The History Object

4. AJAX API Details

  • The Request Object
  • Creating the Request Object
  • The Request Object
  • Simple GET Example
  • Making a POST Request
  • Mozilla XmlHttpRequest Extensions
  • IE Microsoft.XMLHTTP Extensions
  • Making Concurrent Requests
  • Memory Leak With Inner Function
  • A POST Utility Function

5. Advanced DOM

  • Event Handling
  • The Event Object
  • Event Bubbling
  • Creating and Initializing an Event
  • Dispatching an Event
  • Example
  • Handling Events
  • Registering Event Handler
  • Best Practice
  • Working With Styles
  • Example
  • The Style Object
  • Setting Style of an Element
  • Working With Style Sheets
  • Table DOM Objects
  • The HTMLTableElement Object
  • The HTMLTableRowElement Object
  • The HTMLTableCellElement Object
  • Example of Table DOM API
  • The Form Element Objects
  • The HTMLFormElement Object
  • The HTMLInputElement Object
  • The HTMLSelectElement Object
  • The HTMLOptionElement Element

6. Communication With Server - Basic

  • Introduction
  • Application Layer Protocol
  • Plain HTML Snippet
  • XML Document
  • XML Document Server Side
  • Example: Build DOM Document in Java
  • Example: Write DOM Document in HTTP Reply
  • Example: The Servlet
  • C#: Create a XML DOM Document
  • C#: Output XML in HTTP Reply
  • XML Document - Client Side
  • DOM API Summary
  • DOM API The Document Object
  • DOM API The Element Object
  • Body Text of an Element
  • Setting Body Text
  • Displaying Body Text
  • Using XML As Request Data
  • Creating a New DOM Document
  • Serializing DOM Document as Text
  • Posting an XML Document
  • Processing the Posted XML From a Servlet

7. Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX

  • What is ASP.NET AJAX Extension?
  • Why Use ASP.NET AJAX Extension?
  • Functionalities Available
  • Installing ASP.NET AJAX
  • Creating a Web Site
  • The ScriptManager Control
  • Basics of Partial Page Update
  • Creating an Update Region
  • Example: Identifying an Update Region
  • Update Trigger
  • Update Mode
  • Conditional Update
  • External Trigger Control
  • Programmatic Update of a Panel
  • Another Example

8. Advanced ASP.NET AJAX

  • Disabling a Trigger
  • Sending AJAX Requests on an Interval
  • Showing Progress Indicator
  • Advanced Progress Indicator
  • Tracing From JavaScript
  • The Sys.Debug Class Methods
  • Page Lifecycle Handling
  • Error Handling
  • Network Error Handling

9. AJAX Control Toolkit

  • Introduction to AJAX Control Toolkit
  • Download and Install
  • Control Behavior
  • TabContainer Control
  • CalendarExtender Control
  • ModalPopupExtender Control
  • DropShadowExtender Control
  • SliderExtender Control

10. Accessing Web Services

  • Web Service Based Communication
  • Basic Architecture
  • Things to Keep in Mind
  • Writing the Web Service
  • Example Web Service Class
  • Generating the JavaScript Proxy
  • The Proxy JavaScript Class
  • Writing the Client Application
  • Calling a One-Way Operation
  • Calling Request-Response Operation
  • Writing a Response Callback Function
  • Writing an Error Callback Function
  • Exchanging Complex Types

Appendix A. Introduction to JSON

  • Introduction
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • JSON Syntax
  • How Does JSON Based Communication Work?
  • How JSON Based Communication Work?
  • Use of JSON in ASP.NET AJAX
  • Summary
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