Testing SOA Applications Training

Course #:WA1395

Testing SOA Applications Training

This course provides a brief introduction to the concept of testing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based applications. SOA testing introduces new challenges. This course starts with an overview of SOA fundamentals and then looks into what is involved in testing SOA applications. The course also looks into some of the popular SOA testing tools in the market and demonstrates features of one such tool (selected by customer) and provides hands-on exercises to re-enforce learning.

  • SOA fundamentals
  • SOA testing challenges
  • Components of SOA testing
  • Testing SOA artifacts
  • SOA testing strategies
  • Survey of SOA testing tools
  • Detailed look at customer’s SOA tool
  • Best practices for SOA testing
  • Highlight foundational SOA concepts
  • Gain a realistic understanding of the various challenges and unique considerations that SOA brings into play for testing and quality assurance
  • Learn how to apply unit testing, integration testing, and customer acceptance testing to a service oriented enterprise
  • Explore the various types of artifacts introduced by SOA (WSDL, BPEL, SOAP, etc.) and the implications they have for testing
  • Gain hands-on experience using a SOA testing tool to test both services and business processes
  Quality assurance, application developers, and enterprise architects will all gain considerable value from this curriculum.
  No specialized technical pre-requisites are required for this course; however a basic understanding of SOA and some knowledge in IT systems and distributed computing is expected.
  One Day.

Outline of Testing SOA Applications Training

1. Introduction to SOA Testing

  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • The SOA Components to Test
  • Parts of a Test Framework
  • Layered Component Testing
  • Testing the SOA Layers
  • Phased Testing
  • SOA Testing Challenges 1/3
  • SOA Testing Challenges 2/3
  • SOA Testing Challenges 3/3
  • SOA Testing Opportunities
  • Summary

2. Unit Testing SOA Components

  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Verification Scenarios
  • Unit Testing a Web Service
  • Other Types of Services
  • Unit Testing Guidance
  • Unit Testing SOA Components
  • More Details: Testing Data Maps
  • Data Map Test Guidance
  • More Details: Business Process
  • Unit Testing Business Process
  • Business Process Test Guidance
  • Human Workflow
  • Unit Test Human Interface
  • Human Interface Test Guidance
  • White Box Testing
  • Summary

3. Integration Test

  • Objectives
  • What is Integration Testing?
  • Types of Integration Tests
  • The Governance Aspect
  • Component Ownership 1/2
  • Component Ownership 2/2
  • Integration Testing Strategies
  • Incremental Strategies
  • Top-down Integration
  • Bottom-up Integration
  • Umbrella / Critical Path Integration
  • Setting Up a Service Integration Test System
  • Setting Up a Process Integration Test System
  • Creating a Script To Test a Service
  • Running a Test Case for a Service
  • Creating a Business Process Test Script
  • Running a Test Case for a Process
  • Summary

4. Non-Functional Testing

  • Introduction
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Web Service Attacks 1/4
  • Web Service Attacks 2/4
  • Web Service Attacks 3/4
  • Web Service Attacks 4/4
  • Interoperability Testing
  • WS-Interoperability
  • Interoperability Testing a Service
  • Interoperability Testing a Business Process
  • Common Interoperability Issues
  • Process State Persistence Testing
  • Process Versioning Testing
  • Summary

5. Scenario

  • Objectives
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