After completing this course the student should be able to:
  • The DB2 family of products
  • Client-Server components for DB2
  • Tools and utilities
  • Major components of DB2
  • Basic and intermediate SQL statements
  • Programming techniques for client-server processing and distributed data.
Target Audience:
  Anyone wishing to know more about DB2 UDB for UNIX and WINDOWS
  Anyone with basic computer processing knowledge.
  Classroom instruction, workshops and demonstrations of DB2 UDB.
  Two days.

Outline for DB2 Universal Database (UDB) Introduction for UNIX and Windows

Day 1

  • The DB2 Family
  • Getting started
  • Creating Tables and Indexes
  • workshop
  • Combining Sets of Data (SQL)
  • workshop

Day 2

  • Creating Objects
  • Advanced SQL Review
  • DB2 Locking
  • DB2 Data Management
  • Programming with DB2
  • SQL Programming Basics
  • workshop