DB2 UDB SQL Stored Procedures for UNIX and Windows Training

Course #:WA1349

DB2 UDB SQL Stored Procedures for UNIX and Windows Training

This course is designed to review many aspects creating and using SQL Stored Procedures in DB2 for UNIX and Windows. DB2 commands and tools, created by IBM for DB2, will be used to support workshop activities. SQL statements will be used to create objects for application design and development. The development center will also be used to create, test and debug procedures. Design issues for functions and stored procedures will be reviewed and applied in workshops.

  After completing this course the student should be able to:
  • Develop stored procedures and user defined functions (UDF).
  • Debug stored procedures using the “DEVELOPMENT CENTER”
  • Use the DB2 command tools
  • Review BIND options for applications and stored procedures
  • Access result sets from stored procedures
  • Grant privileges for application objects
Target Audience:
  DB2 programmers and data designers who are responsible for DB2 applications.
  • Relevant Operating Systems experience (AIX/UNIX/LINUX or Windows) along with knowledge of relational database theory and SQL.
  • Previous experience of using DB2 or a similar relational database is required.
  Two days.

Outline of DB2 UDB SQL Stored Procedures for UNIX and Windows Training

Day 1

  • Introduction to Stored Procedures
  • SQL Procedure Language
  • Creating SQL Procedures
  • Calling Procedures and accessing results

Day 2

  • Using the Development center
  • Debugging using the Development center
  • Creating User defined functions
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