DB2 for z/OS Application Programming Training

Course #:WA1337

DB2 for z/OS Application Programming Training

This workshop is designed to provide instruction on COBOL programming using DB2 for z/OS. Hands-on practice with DB2 will be included, in order to reinforce the concepts and techniques studied in the course. Performance improving techniques will be discussed and the output from the DB2 optimizer will be analysed, using the EXPLAIN facility.

  After completing this course the student should be able to:
  • embed SQL commands into a batch COBOL program to read data from tables and also update DB2 tables.
  • code a program to use an SQL "cursor processing" technique.
  • Prepare a program for execution.
  • execute and test a batch program
  • use EXPLAIN to analyse SQL commands.
  • know the locking strategies available with DB2.
  • understand the basic features and options available when using DB2 packages and plans.
  • be familiar with several DB2 objects and the operating environment.
Target Audience:
  Programmers and programmer/analysts.
  • COBOL programming experience.
  • Previous experience or classroom instruction in SQL.
  Lecture with hands-on workshops.
  Two days.

Outline of DB2 for z/OS Application Programming Training

Day 1

  • Preview (optional)
  • LAB preparation and LAB #0
  • Error Handling
  • LAB 1, workshop #1

Day 2

  • Program Preparation
  • DB2 Security
  • LAB 1, workshop #2
  • DB2 Objects
  • DB2 Locking
  • Query Analysis using EXPLAIN
  • LAB 2 - optional
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