SQL and QMF for End Users Training

Course #:WA1335

SQL and QMF for End Users Training

This course is designed to provide end users with concepts and techniques for accessing DB2 Data. SQL is used to formulate queries to obtain data. QMF is used to modify the appearance of this data through QMF FORMS. Various techniques for using QMF are highlighted through class notes and practice in exercise activities.

  After completing this course the student should be able to:
  • Have an understanding of relational database concepts
  • Be able to use basic components of SQL
  • Be able to code SQL to select data from one or more tables
  • Know basic components and commands of QMF
  • Be able to use QMF forms for report customization
  Three days.

Outline of SQL and QMF for End Users Training

Day 1

  • Basic Theory
  • Introduction to SQL
  • QMF Basics
  • SQL Lab 1
  • QMF Lab 1 (2 workshops)
  • Basic SQL
  • SQL Lab 2

Day 2

  • Basic SQL (continued)
  • SQL Lab 3
  • Joining Tables with SQL
  • SQL LAB 4
  • SQL Subselects
  • SQL LAB 5

Day 3

  • Additional QMF techniques
  • QMF LAB (workshop #3)
  • Some Advanced SQL
  • SQL LAB 6
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