After completing this course the student should be able to:
  • Code SQL to improve performance.
  • Use DB2 EXPLAIN tools to evaluate performance expectations.
  • Design application programs to improve performance and review with EXPLAIN tools.
  • Use the tool DB2BATCH to benchmark applications.
  • Improve performance through parallelism
  • Review data placement to improve performance.
  • Tune registry variables and configuration parameters to effect performance.
  • Use DB2 monitor tools to assist in performance tuning.
  • Use performance improving options for DB2 utilities
Target Audience
  Database administrators, programmers and data designers who are responsible for tuning DB2 for performance
  • Relevant Operating Systems experience (AIX or Windows) along with knowledge of relational database theory, SQL and programming.
  • Previous experience of using DB2 or similar relational databases is required.
  Three days.

Outline for DB2 UDB Performance and Tuning for Unix and Windows

There is no detailed outline for this course at this time.