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Course #:WA1294

DB2 UDB Administration for Unix and Windows Training

This course is designed to review the concepts and components of DB2 for UNIX and Windows. DB2 commands and SQL will be used to focus on DB2 administration activities. The relationships between object components will be presented along with communication and security aspects. Design issues of referential Integrity, table check constraints, user defined data types and functions, triggers and large objects will be reviewed. Program design issues will be considered which effect concurrency, integrity and performance. DB2 administration functions and utilities will be reviewed and applied in workshops. Performance and tuning issues will be reviewed.

  After completing this course the student should be able to:
  • Understand the basic concepts and facilities of DB2.
  • Create instances, databases and relational objects to support application development and user data access.
  • Use IMPORT, EXPORT and LOAD utilities to manipulate data.
  • Perform basic and advanced database and table space recovery
  • Understand the basic security features of DB2.
  • Understand and control the locking behaviour of DB2
  • Know how to support application development.
  • Know performance enhancing techniques for supporting applications.
Target Audience
  Database administrators
  • Relevant Operating Systems experience (AIX or Windows).
  • Knowledge of relational database theory and SQL. Previous experience of using DB2 is recommended.
  Four days.

Outline of DB2 UDB Administration for Unix and Windows Training

Day 1

  • The DB2 Family
  • Getting started with DB2 (INSTANCES)
  • Workshop
  • Creating databases and table spaces
  • Workshop

Day 2

  • Creating Tables and other objects
  • Workshop
  • Workshop
  • workshop
  • DB2 Privileges
  • workshop

Day 3

  • DB2 Data Management
  • Workshop
  • IMPORT/EXPORT/LOAD utilities
  • Workshop
  • Basic Database Recovery
  • Workshop

Day 4

  • Disaster Recovery for tables and table spaces
  • Workshop
  • Incremental backup and recovery techniques
  • workshop
  • Application development and Implementation
  • Workshop
  • Performance for applications
  • Workshop
  • Basic tuning techniques
  • Workshop
  • DB2 Configuration parameters
  • Workshop
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