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Course #:WA1293

DB2 UDB Programming Fundamentals Training

This workshop is designed to provide instruction and practice with DB2 UDB for UNIX or WINDOWS. Commands and SQL statements will be used to create objects for application design and development. Design issues of referential Integrity, table check constraints, user defined data types and functions, triggers and large objects will be reviewed. Some performance improving techniques will be reviewed. Techniques for using EMBEDDED STATIC SQL will be used to code 'C' or COBOL programs and 'C' stored procedures. Program design issues will be considered which effect concurrency and integrity (ie. locking).

  At the end of this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand the basic concepts and facilities of DB2.
  • Use CLP commands and SQL to create relational objects for application development.
  • Use embedded STATIC SQL in 'C' or COBOL programs to access local or remote data, using single and multiple row (cursor) techniques.
  • Prepare and execute programs.
  • Understand the DB2 locking strategy for improving concurrency and maintaining data integrity.
  • Know how to design an Application program to manipulate data for a Distributed Unit of Work (DUW).
  • Know how to create Stored Procedures written in 'C'
Target Audience:
  Application developers and designers.
  • Relevant Operating Systems experience (AIX, OS/2 or Windows).
  • 'C' or COBOL programming experience (basic skills).
  • Previous experience with relational database systems and SQL.
  Two days.

Outline of DB2 UDB Programming Fundamentals Training

Day 1

  • The DB2 Family
  • Getting started
  • Workshop - CLP
  • Creating Objects - Part 1
  • Workshop - Creating Objects
  • Static SQL in Programs
  • Error Handling
  • Program Preparation
  • Workshop - COBOL or ‘C’ programming

Day 2

  • Creating Objects - Part 2
  • DB2 Locking
  • DB2 Stored Procedures
  • Workshop - stored procedures
  • SQL Performance
  • Data Access and EXPLAIN
  • Workshop - explain
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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887