CICS/TS Application Programming Training

Course #:WA1266

CICS/TS Application Programming Training

Learn the fundamentals of designing and developing business applications using the CICS/TS API. This course is a thorough instructor lead lecture with application programming lab exercises designed to understand the basic CICS/TS facilities, to learn the EXEC CICS call structure and to perform basic problem determination.


  • CICS/TS Concepts and Facilities
  • Program Control Levels; Exceptional Conditions.
  • Screen Handling:
    • Terminal control; BMS; Screen definition;
    • Logical map modes; Attribute bytes; BMSGEN;
    • BMS at execution time; BMS conditions.
  • The Execution Diagnostic Facility – CEDF / CEDX
  • File Control commands
  • VSAM Design Review
  • Accessing Temporary Storage Queues
  • Accessing Transient Data Queues
  • Interval Control (IC)
  • CICS/TS Operations
    • Starting CICS region (COLD/EMERGENCY/…)
    • Shut down processing of CICS (Normal, Immediate,..)
  • Program Error /Abend handling

What you will learn

  • Understand the CICS/TS facilities
  • Perform basic EXEXC CICS calls
  • Understand Basic Mapping Support and screen design options
  • Use the CICS Transient Data and Temporary Storage queues
  • Perform simple customization and administration tasks
  • Perform basic problem determination


Application developers responsible for developing and maintaining CICS command-level.


An Introduction to CICS/TS and a previous programming experience in the MVS


Five days.

Outline of CICS/TS Application Programming Training

There is no detailed outline at this time.

We regularly offer classes in these and other cities. Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Calgary, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Montreal, New York City, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC.