An Introduction to CICS/TS Training

Course #:WA1265

An Introduction to CICS/TS Training

This course provides a technical overview of the functions and features available in CICS/TS V2.2. It outlines CICS facilities, programming interfaces (EXEC CICCS calls) and the role of the CICS Transaction Server in the complex business environment.


  • CICS/TS Concepts and Facilities
  • Programming interfaces
    • EXEC CICS calls, DB2 interface, Web interface, ..
  • CICS Intercommunications
    • MRO / ISC concepts
    • Transaction Routing
    • Accessing CICS applications from the Web

What you will learn

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the CICS/TS facilities
  • Understand the CICS programming interfaces
  • Understand how to access CICS applications from other subsystems


Application developers, planners and technical support staff needing an overview of the CICS/TS product.


Basic understanding of data processing facilities in the MVS (OS/390 and z/OS) environment.


One day.

Outline of An Introduction to CICS/TS Training

There is no detailed outline at this time.

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