CICS/TS System Administration Training

Course #:WA1264

CICS/TS System Administration Training

Learn how to setup, customize and operate CICS/TS. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, you learn to handle the general CICS/TS system administration tasks in MVS environment (z/OS). Course topics include CICS Region setup, resource definitions, basic problem determination, CICS Intercommunications facilities (MRO, ISC,.) and many others.


  • CICS/TS Concepts and Facilities
  • Resource Definitions:
    • Table definitions
    • RDO – Resource Definition Online
  • CICS Region Setup:
    • Define CICS system data sets, MVS logs;
    • Create CICS Job / Started Task;
  • Initialization & Shutdown
  • CICS Storage Control
  • CICS Intercommunications
    • MRO, ISC, 3270 Bridge, Web Support
  • CICS Supplied Transactions
  • CICS Batch Utilities
  • CICS Customization
    • Global User Exits (GLUEs)
    • Task Related User Exits (TRUEs)
    • User Replaceable Modules (URMs)

What you will learn

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the CICS/TS facilities
  • Perform basic CICS customization – region setup, resource definitions
  • Understand CICS Intercommunications facilities
  • Use the CICS Supplied Transactions and batch utilities
  • Perform basic problem determination


System administrators responsible for the setup and maintenance of CICS systems on MVS (z/OS).


An Introduction to CICS/TS and a previous system administration experience in the MVS environment.


Five days.

Outline of CICS/TS System Administration Training

There is no detailed outline at this time.

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