JMS Programming for WebSphere MQ Training

Course #:WA1263

JMS Programming for WebSphere MQ Training

This course is intended for experienced Java programmers who need to learn Java Messaging Service (JMS) programming techniques specific to the WMQ messaging provider.


  • JMS Concepts
  • JMS Programming Basics
  • JMS objects and interfaces
  • Working with JMS messages
  • Point-to-Point Programming
  • Publish / Subscribe Programming
  • JMS Transactions and Message Groups


  This course is a must for Java developers who want to learn how to design, implement and deploy JMS application using the IBM WebSphere MQ transport.


  WA1043 Technical Introduction to WebSphere MQ, plus Java programming experience.


  3 days.

Outline of JMS Programming for WebSphere MQ Training

1. JMS Concepts

  • Introduction tmessaging and WebSphere MQ
  • JMS concepts

2. JMS Programming Basics

  • WMQ administration / setup (Optional topic)
  • JMS administration / set up
  • JMS Program Structure

3. JMS objects and interfaces

  • Common JMS interface
  • The point-to-point messaging model
  • The Publish / Subscribe messaging model

4. Working with JMS messages

  • JMS Header
  • User Properties
  • Message types

5. Point-to-Point Programming

  • Send-and-Forget pattern
  • Request / reply messaging patterns
  • Message properties
  • Priority
  • Persistence
  • TimeToLive
  • Asynchronous Consumer
  • Message Selectors
  • Message Browser
  • Using Temporary Dynamic Queues
  • Using CorrelationIDs

6. Publish / Subscribe Programming

  • Pub / Sub Programming Model
  • Pub/Sub Setup / Implementation
  • Pub / Sub Message Flows
  • Pub / Sub Objects
  • Pub / Sub Types
  • Publisher Logic
  • Subscriber Logic
  • Un-subscribing

7. JMS Transactions and Message Groups

  • WMQ Transactions
  • JMS Acknowledge Modes
  • JMS Transacted Sessions
  • Message Groups
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