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CGI Programming using Perl Training

This course bridges the gap between using HTML to create static Web pages and using Perl CGI scripts to create dynamic Web pages. The course emphasizes using the Perl 5 CGI library routines to process HTML forms by providing extensive working examples and by students writing applications to illustrate the concepts presented. This course is not intended to be a substitute for a Perl programming course.

  • Browsers and Servers
  • Serverside Includes
  • Common Gateway Interface
  • Accessing Databases
  • Control Input to CGI Applications
  • Stateful CGI Applications
  • Perl CGI Module
  • Advanced HTML Interface Tools
  • Forms
  • CGI/Browser Interaction
  • Appendix: Overview of Internet Security
  Web site developers wanting to create interactive Web pages.
  Familiarity with HTML forms. Programming experience is required. Basic UNIX skills and the ability to use vi or a basic text editor are also required.
  Three days.

Outline of CGI Programming using Perl Training

1.Browsers and Servers


  • WEB Browsers and Servers
  • URLS
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)


2. Serverside Includes


  • Serverside Includes: Why?
  • The exec Command
  • Example


3. Common Gateway Interface


  • What is CGI?
  • Why use CGI applications?
  • Environment Variables
  • Managing CGI Files


4. Accessing Databases


  • Browser Database Access
  • Static Flat-File Database
  • Perl DBM Interface
  • Third Party RDBMS application


5. Control Input to CGI Applications


  • GET Method
  • POST Method


6. Stateful CGI Applications


  • Stateful vs. Stateless
  • Why Use Stateful CGI Applications?
  • Stateful Access with a Cookie


7. Perl CGI Module


  • Module
  • Perl Subroutines
  • Perl Objects
  • Perl Methods
  • Commonly Used Methods


8. Advanced HTML Interface Tools


  • Image Maps
  • Tables
  • Multiple Form Interaction
  • Frames
  • GD Library


9. Forms


  • Form Objects
  • Static Forms
  • Dynamic Forms


10. CGI/Browser Interaction


  • References
  • Animation Description
  • Server Push
  • Client Pull The Symbol Table


11. Appendix: Overview of Internet Security


  • Two-dimensional Arrays
  • Security Issues
  • Platform Differences
  • Cryptography
  • Encryption Keys
  • Controlling User Access
  • "Trusted Server"
  • Developing an e-mail interface
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