To describe RPA fundamentals, underlying technology, and typical benefits achievable by automation.

To understand the requirements for RPA implementation.

To evaluate business cases for RPA.

To introduce Robotic Operating Model.

To set up an RPA team or organisation with Centre of Excellence (CoE).

To prioritize different process candidates.

To build an automation roadmap.


Project Managers and Team Leaders who will be driving RPA-related activities in the organisation.


One day

Outline for Blue Prism RPA Manager Training

RPA Overview:

Definition of RPA & Digital Workforce.

Where the Digital Workforce sits.

Partnership between business and IT.

Difference between RPA and traditional IT project.

Global trends in RPA.

RPA Business Case:

Typical benefits of RPA project.

Business Impacts.

Overview of required investments & typical costs.

Intro of an indicative Business Case.

RPA Technology:

Blue Prism Ecosystem.

RPA IT Infrastructure & Security requirements.

Support & Maintenance.

Demo of Blue Prism platform.

Robotic Operating Model (ROM), RPA Project Roadmap & Workstreams:

Overview of ROM.

Overview of a Project Roadmap and Workstreams.

Typical RPA project and its life cycle.

Example of a typical RPA Project Roadmap.

RPA Organisation & Centre of Excellence:

Overview of RPA Organisation / COE Building Blocks.

Vision, Approach & Due Diligence: what is a suitable RPA and Digital Workforce vision and strategy for the organisation and how to define it?

Organisation Design & Governance.

RPA Roles & onboarding requirements.

Change Management.

Technology Requirements.