To build an understanding of Blue Prism roles and responsibilities (Process Analyst, Developer, Controller, etc.).

To introduce process assessment methodology and selection of suitable RPA process candidates.

To gain knowledge of the development logic in Blue Prism software.

To develop and configure processes independently using Blue Prism software & methodology.

To use case studies / examples to practice newly acquired skills.


Everyone interested in Blue Prism development.


Four days

Outline for Blue Prism Foundation Training

Process Studio

Running a Process, Basic Skills, Process Validation

Decision Stage, Calculation Stage, Data Items

Process Flow

Decisions, Circular Paths, Controlling Play

Set Next Stage, Breakpoints, Collections and Loops

Layers of Logic, Pages for Organization

Inputs and Outputs

Input Parameters, Stepping and Pages, Data Item Visibility

Data Types, Output Parameters, Start-up Parameters

Control Room, Process Outputs

Business Objects

Object Studio, Business Objects, Action Stage

Inputs and Outputs, The Process Layer

Object Studio

Creating a Business Object, Application Modeler, Spying Elements

Attributes, Attribute Selection

Launch, Wait, Terminate, Write, Press, Attach and Detach, Read

Timeouts, Actions, Action Inputs and Outputs, Data Items as Inputs

Error Management

Exception Handling, Recover and Resume

Throwing Exceptions, Preserving the Current Exception

Exception Bubbling, Exception Blocks, Exception Handling in Practice

Saving a Screen Capture

Case Management

Queue Items, Work Queue Configuration, Defer

Attempts, Pause and Resume, Filters, Reports

Additional Features

Safe Stop, Collection Actions, Choice Stage, Warning Thresholds

Logging, Log Viewer, System Manager

Process/Business Object Grouping, Process and Object References

Export and Import, Release Manager – Packages and Releases