This game is perfect for teams just starting agile, teams that need a refresher, or teams looking for a fun virtual team building activity.

The game starts with the product owner presenting a master city plan - a prioritized city backlog of buildings, parks, and infrastructure that he or she requires. The team then builds a plan to build the city, by clarifying each story and acceptance criteria and estimating each story. Teams then begin sprinting by creating the first sprint plan (15 min) by pulling items from the backlog that they feel can be finished in the sprint (20 min). The sprint begins when teams feel comfortable enough with the amount of work they have selected and are willing to give it a try. After the first sprint, the product owner reviews the results with the teams. Changes are discussed and specifications are clarified when a building was built incorrectly. A short retrospective is facilitated, and the teams proceed with additional sprints. 

The game finishes with a global retrospective on “lessons learned”.


Scrum Lifecycle, Facilitation, Team Building, Inspection and Adaption



Course is designed for 3-4 hours


Outline for Virtual Scrum Game Training

30 min: Welcome & Break into teams

30 min: Scrum Overview

15 min: Games Explanation and rules

30 min: Team Planning

15 min: Sprint 1 Planning

15 min: Sprint 1: Execution

7 min: Demo & Retro 1

1-3 hours: Continue with Sprints 2 - 5

15 min: Global Retrospectives