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How to Develop and Deliver Technical Presentation Training

An effective presentation occurs when the standard of delivery matches the quality of content. Having prepared for your presentation, you need to make sure that your delivery is targeted, engaging and audience appropriate. You need to communicate with enthusiasm if you want your audience to be accepting of your ideas. At the same time, you must appear composed and confident. This course describes how to make your delivery successful and memorable. It covers techniques for managing stage fright and how to set the right environment for your presentation. You will learn how to use your voice and body language to deliver a compelling message clearly and effectively.


One day

Outline of How to Develop and Deliver Technical Presentation Training

1) Course Introduction

a) Agenda review

b) Course timing

c) Logistics items

d) Set up for practice sessions

2) Presentation Tools

a) Building the presentation slide deck

b) Creating effective charts and handouts

c) Using presentation level Excel and Word documents

3) Setting your presentation direction

a) Determining the needs of your audience

b) Narrowing you presentation concept

c) Creating the presentation flow

d) Effective use of props and when not to use them

e) Selecting the appropriate room setup for a given presentation

4) Delivering a Presentation

a) Tips for handling question-and-answer periods

b) Tools for synthesizing your ideas

c) Tips for handling questions

d) To joke or not to joke…

e) Noticing visual feedback from your audience

f) Tips for getting your audience involved

g) Strategies for dealing with stage fright

5) Wrap Up and Close

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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887