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Course #:TP3022

Coaching For Performance Training

This course dives into the concept of performance coaching and how it differs from employee management. During the class participants will receive tools and learn techniques used by certified coaches globally. A cornerstone of the course is a system to evaluate talent, determine expected performance, and apply the appropriate coaching strategy. Critical to the success of every coach is practice and feedback on their own performance when applying these interpersonal tools. Participants will practice and receive real time feedback on their initial coaching technique. They will learn how to initially approach the coaching conversation, how to develop the coaching agreement, effective questioning techniques, follow-up strategies, listening skills and action planning tips all as part of this highly interactive course.


One day

Outline of Coaching For Performance Training

1) Introduction & Foundation

a) Review definition of coaching and the key behaviors of a coach 

b) Introduction to Coaching and Coaching for Performance 

c) Understanding the role of coach and advocate. 

d) Review of the Coaching Process & Flow 

e) Introduction to Coaching Conversation tools 

2) Coaching Conversations 

a) Introduction to the STARS Model of employee performance 

b) Coaching strategy development using the STARS Model 

c) Direct Application: Opening the dialogue and Active Listening

 i) Active listening and understanding word cues 

ii) Body language primer 

d) Introduction to the GROW Model for performance coaching. 

e) Application of the GROW Model: 

f) Direct Application: Continuing the Coaching Conversation

 i) Reflecting back 

ii) Asking Questions 

g) Effective Questioning Techniques 

h) Direct Application: Using Questioning Techniques

 i) Effective Questions 

ii) Creating performance commitments 

3) Action Planning 

a) Assessing your Coaching Load 

b) Aligning coaching with business goals 

c) Developing a collaborative Action Plan 

d) Creating the change plan dialogue 

4) Wrap Up and Close 


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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887