You will understand where and how agility can help your organization improve, by addressing challenges you can solve in no other way. You will also understand how agile teams work and what you, as a manager or leader, can do to help them to improve. You will also be able to quantify the benefits of improving the agility of your organization through concrete measures. 


Two days

Outline for Professional Agile Leadership Essentials Training

To succeed in a changing world, organizations need to become more agile, more responsive to customer needs and market changes. This workshop will equip leaders and managers to help their organizations change by providing participants with:


An understanding of how agility can help you improve your organization's performance

An understanding of how you, as a manager or leader, can help your organization achieve the benefits of agility

An understanding of how culture and values influence your organization's ability to reap the benefits of agility

Practical skills for helping to guide and coach agile teams, and to help them remove impediments

An understanding of how to measure the benefits and impacts of agility in your organization