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Advanced Principles of Learning Gamification Training

Learn the Advanced Principles of Gamification.


One day

Outline of Advanced Principles of Learning Gamification Training

Gamification training

Using the Heroes Journey and User Stories to Increase Learner Engagement

  • Joseph Cambell’s Model for Constructing User Stories
  • Activity: Write a Journey/User Story for a Technical Training Course
  • Designing Quests for Enhanced Engagement
  • Creating Team-Based Competition using Challenges
  • Activity: Create a Quest
  • Introduction to Badging
  • Demo: Badgeville
  • Activity: Create a Badging Program Concept

The Fourth M of Gamification: Measurement

  • Reviewing the 4th M of Gamification
  • Measuring Impact and ROI: The 5 Levels of Training Measurement
  • Demo: Mining Analytics from technical tolls (Poll Anywhere, Training Arcade)
  • Activity: Design a Measurement Index for Gamification
  • Using Leaderboarding to Show ROI, Drive Engagement & System Adoption
  • Case Study: Gamification in IT Integration and Systems Change
  • Activity: Create a Leaderboard Concept

Introduction to E-Learning for Technical Training

  • Creating Gamified Learning Experiences with Software Applications
  • Using E-learning Software for Gamified Technical Training
  • Demo: Watch, Try in Storyline
  • Tools Review: Techsmith Camtasia, Storyline 360, Rise, Snagit
  • Activity 1: Create a CCAF storyboard
  • Activity 2: Create a Simulation Capture Using Storyline
  • Activity Demo: Gamification with Advanced Storyline Elements

Introduction to Building Self-Contained Learning Games

  • Reviewing the difference between Gamification and Learning Games
  • Translating in-Person Games to Virtual Training
  • Demo: The Virtual Communication Game
  • Activity: Creating a Shuffleboard Game
  • Using Tactile Game Pieces for Gamification and a Remote Workforce
  • Demo: The Systems Puzzle
  • Activity: Create a Gamification Puzzle Concept

Using Gamification to Solve Business Problems

  • Case Study: Using Gamification to Solve Societal & Military Challenges
  • Demo: Gamifying a Premortem to Mitigate Risk
  • Activity: Design a Premortem Activity

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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887