One Day

Outline for Foundations of Learning Gamification Training

Gamification training

An Overview of Learning Gamification

  • Introduction to Gamification
  • Demo: The Systems Choice Game
  • Discussion: Identifying Gamification Elements
  • What is Gamification? Karl Kapp’s Game Theory
  • Brief History of Gamification’s Origins
  • The Business Case for Gamification and Employee Engagement
  • The Wheel of Gamification
  • Applying 12 Elements of Gamification to Technical Training
  • Activity: Using the Wheel to Gamify an Existing Technical Training Module
  • Gamification vs. Learning Games: What is the Difference?

The Framework for Designing Gamified Learning Experiences

  • Dr. Michael Allen’s 3 M’s for Driving Learning Engagement
  • Activity: Creating 3M Learning Experiences
  • CCAF: The Gamified Learning Design Methodology
  • Review CCAF examples in Gamified Technical Learning
  • Activity: Convert an existing training module to CCAF
  • Challenge-Based Learning Design & Delivery for Technical Training
  • Activity: Write a CCAF Technical Training Lesson

Gamified Quiz Making Design

  • Writing Quiz Questions for a Gamified Learning Experience
  • Using CCAF to create branching Feedback Trees
  • Demo: Accelerating Learning with Gamified Quiz Design
  • Activity: Write a Gamified Quiz using CCAF and Branching Feedback
  • Reviewing Designer Applications for Creating Gamified Quiz Content
    • Demo: Poll Anywhere Competitions
    • Demo: Articulate Quiz maker
  • Activity: Create a Poll Anywhere Competition

Introduction to Learning Games

  • From Gamification to Serious Games: A Maturity Timeline
  • Demo: The DC Game
  • Demo: Elearning Brothers Training Arcade
  • Activity: Build an Arcade Game

Creating a Business Case for Investing in Gamification

  • Challenges in selling ‘Gamification’ to senior leadership
  • Gamification’s value through engagement, retention, and seat time
  • Activity: Create a business case