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Advanced Scrum Master (Certified) Training

The Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) course defines the skills needed by an Agile coach, but does not teach those skills. This workshop style course explores the essential skills needed to raise your level of expertise as a practicing ScrumMaster.
These skills are core to the ScrumMaster role, but are also needed by team members, product owners, and others who will be interacting with Scrum teams. Mastering these skills ensures healthier team collaboration, better meeting facilitation, and communications between stakeholders, which also leads to higher quality products and services to the customer.

Students will be required to demonstrate that they have acquired and practiced all the skills identified in the learning objectives defined by the Scrum Alliance.  Some of these learning objectives will need to be verified by activities outside of class. Students should expect that they will be required to do some post-class activities and have them verified.
Upon successful completion of this course, required additional activities, and the corresponding experience requirement, students will be awarded the A-CSM certification by the Scrum Alliance. There is no test.


Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)


Two Days

Outline of Advanced Scrum Master (Certified) Training

Attendees will improve the following skills and be able to better:

  • Facilitate conflict resolution within teams and between team members, product owners and stakeholders
  • Teach and facilitate effective team decision making
  • Negotiate and develop a business case needed to justify any policy and structural changes that may be required to remove impediments to agility
  • Put the proper environment in place to facilitate team building
  • Effectively coach individuals and teams
  • Facilitate scrum teams and team meetings
  • Work with management to achieve organizational ability
  • Put the proper environment in place to facilitate team building
  • Teach your teams how to apply Scrum at scale.
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