After completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Create project phases, activities and tasks;
  • Assign task start dates, end dates and lengths;
  • Assign task dependencies;
  • Schedule tasks;
  • Create and schedule a resource;
  • Use both resource-constrained and time-constrained tasks in a plan;
  • Use standard views;
  • Make simple modifications to standard views;
  • Assign partial task dependencies;
  • Assign project milestones;
  • Assign actual completion dates;
  • Modify resource and base calendars;
  • Revise a plan;
  • Set and modify a baseline; and
  • Modify the resource loading patterns.


Two days

Outline for Introduction to MS Project 2016

Examples and Exercises

All MS-Project courses use examples and exercises to demonstrate the various aspects
of MS-Project. Examples are worked on together in class, with the instructor
demonstrating or explaining the operations, and the participants performing the same
operations on a PC. Exercises are performed by the participants on their own Pto
allow them to practice operations on their own.