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Nifi Fundamentals Training

Nifi Fundamentals is designed to teach users everything they need to know to be effective with Apache NiFi.  At the end of this course participants will be capable of designing end to end flows with a specific focus on cloud-based operations.  This course is ideal for data engineers and other data-centric positions who have a need to productionalize their information pipelines.


In this course you will learn:

  • The basics of flow files and how information is passed
  • Processors and processor groups
  • Securely interacting with cloud services
  • Designing repeatable data pipelines
  • Handling event based data
  • Monitoring your NiFi Flow
  • Controller Services and inheritable permissions
  • Record based processing
  • Schema and data integrity management


This course is ideal for data engineers & scientists, particularly for companies who are on the cloud.


We recommend that attendees of this course have a basic level understanding of software development or systems administration.  Additionally previous data management experience may help understanding course content but is not a requirement.


Three days

Outline of Nifi Fundamentals Training

Day 1

  • What is a NiFi approach to data processing
  • Overview of basic operations and typical pipelines
  • Hands on lab: developing a NiFi flow to handle FTP data


Day 2

  • Controller Services and credential management
  • Advanced configuration and tuning
  • Record based processing
  • Schema Management
  • Hands on Lab: Cloud based message queue pipeline


Day 3

  • Streaming data enrichments
  • Integrating with APIs and machine learning
  • Overview of custom processors
  • Overview of scripting integrations
  • Deep Dive Case Study - Smart Car Automation
  • Hands on Lab: Detecting Corrupted Data
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