In this course you will learn:

  • The basics of flow files and how information is passed
  • Processors and processor groups
  • Securely interacting with cloud services
  • Designing repeatable data pipelines
  • Handling event based data
  • Monitoring your NiFi Flow
  • Controller Services and inheritable permissions
  • Record based processing
  • Schema and data integrity management


This course is ideal for data engineers & scientists, particularly for companies who are on the cloud.


We recommend that attendees of this course have a basic level understanding of software development or systems administration.  Additionally previous data management experience may help understanding course content but is not a requirement.


Three days

Outline for Nifi Fundamentals Training

Day 1

  • What is a NiFi approach to data processing
  • Overview of basic operations and typical pipelines
  • Hands on lab: developing a NiFi flow to handle FTP data


Day 2

  • Controller Services and credential management
  • Advanced configuration and tuning
  • Record based processing
  • Schema Management
  • Hands on Lab: Cloud based message queue pipeline


Day 3

  • Streaming data enrichments
  • Integrating with APIs and machine learning
  • Overview of custom processors
  • Overview of scripting integrations
  • Deep Dive Case Study - Smart Car Automation
  • Hands on Lab: Detecting Corrupted Data