• Review architecture and components of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Cover all Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator (CHFA) exam topics.
  • Create the most popular permissioned blockchain network with Fabric and Composer
  • Learn how  to improve security and scalability in Hyperledger
  • Explore and manage blockchain data using Hyperledger Explorer
  • Discover Hyperledger ecosystem like its family tree and layers as well as its use cases



Prior knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptography that are covered in our Blockchain Solution Architect course are required prior to taking this course.


Four days

Outline for Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric and Composer Development

Chapter 1- Hyperledger Fabric Architecture and Components

  • Peer
  • Ordering service:
  • Fabric CA
  • Fabric ledger
  • Channel:
  • Organization
  • Endorsement policy
  • Membership services provider (MSP)

Chapter 2- Application Lifecycle Management

  • Install and Instantiate chaincode package
  • Configure endorsement policy
  • Define collection policy for private data
  • Modify or upgrade chaincode

Chapter 3- Install and Configure Network

  • Modify the world state database configuration
  • Define initial multi-org configuration policy
  • Configure Ordering service (Kafka)
  • Configure Hyperledger Fabric containers
  • Define network config options (block creation options, etc)
  • Enable TLS for communication
  • Generate genesis block
  • Configure service discovery node (e.g. peer and orderer addresses)

Chapter 4- Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Query and analyse peer logs
  • Query and analyse CA logs
  • Query and analyse Orderer logs
  • Query and analyse chaincode logs

Chapter 5- Membership Service Provider

  • Configure ACL
  • Create end user identity
  • Revoke an identity
  • Configure and start Hyperledger Fabric CA
  • Configure Hyperledger Fabric for hardware security module

Chapter 6- Network Maintenance and Operations

  • Add a peer to existing organization
  • Create a channel
  • Add an org to a channel
  • Update channel configuration
  • Update a Hyperledger Fabric instance

Chapter 7- Implementing Hyperledger Fabric

  • Inventory asset management
  • Writing chaincode as a smart contract
  • Compiling and deploying Fabric chaincode
  • Running and testing the smart contract
  • Developing an application with Hyperledger Fabric through the SDK

Chapter 8- Writing First Hyperledger Application

  • Create a smart contract
  • Deploy Smart Contract into the blockchain
  • Create your own project

Chapter 9- Modeling a Business Network Using Hyperledger Composer

  • The Hyperledger Composer business network and development components
  • Setting up the Hyperledger Composer prerequisites environment
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Configuring a Composer business network
  • Implementing models, transaction logic, access control, and query definitions
  • Deploying, testing, and exporting business network archives using the Composer command-line interface
  • Interacting with Composer through the RESTful API

Chapter 10- Integrating Hyperledger Fabric with Explorer

  • Technical requirements
  • Setting up the Hyperledger Explorer environment
  • Installing Hyperledger Explorer and setting up the database
  • Configuring Hyperledger Explorer with Fabric
  • Building Hyperledger Explorer
  • Running the Hyperledger Explorer application

Chapter 11- Hyperledger Blockchain Scalability and Security

  • Hyperledger blockchain scalability and performance
  • Hyperledger  blockchain security
  • Hyperledger performance measurement

Chapter 12- Hyperledger Blockchain Ecosystem

  • An introduction to the Hyperledger family
  • The framework projects
  • The tool projects
  • Building the Hyperledger framework layers
  • The Hyperledger design philosophy at a glance
  • Framework architecture overview
  • The consensus layer
  • Smart contracts
  • Solving business problems with Hyperledger
  • IBM and Walmart – blockchain for food safety with Hyperledger Fabric
  • The problem
  • The approach
  • The results