• Introduction to Azure
  • Building an Azure Mobile App Service
  • Building an Azure Mobile App Client
  • Authentication with Azure
  • Securing Local Data
  • Introduction to OAuth 2
  • Accessing OAuth 2 Web Services with Xamarin.Auth
  • Mobile Application Architecture
  • Data Caching and Synchronization
  • Introduction to Testing
  • Xamarin.UITest


This course is for developers that are already experienced with Xamarin, but want to deepen their Azure, Security and Testing knowledge.


Students should have significant previous experience with the C# programming language and familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts such as inheritance and interfaces.


Five days

Outline for Xamarin: Azure, Security and Testing Training

1. Introduction to Azure

Survey the available Azure services to determine if Azure will meet your needs; create an Azure account and set up a virtual machine.

2. Building an Azure Mobile App Service

Create an Azure Mobile App, add a database to store your business objects, and define a web service to allow client access to the data.

3. Building an Azure Mobile App Client

Use the Azure Mobile Client SDK to access Azure data from your Xamarin client app.

4. Authentication with Azure

Use Azure authentication services to secure your Azure-hosted data.

5. Securing Local Data

Use Xamarin.Auth and PCL Crypto to securely store data on-device.

6. Introduction to OAuth 2

Register your app with an OAuth server and choose an appropriate OAuth flow.

7. Accessing OAuth 2 Web Services with Xamarin.Auth

Use Xamarin.Auth to authorize against an OAuth server and access a REST web service.

8. Mobile Application Architecture

Learn common architectural principals and styles to properly structure your mobile app.

9. Data Caching and Synchronization

Cache data locally, allow the user to edit the local data, and synchronize the changes to a server when a network connection is available.

10. Introduction to Testing

Write Unit Tests for your mobile apps using NUnit.

11. Xamarin.UITest

Use Xamarin.UITest to create acceptance tests for your iOS and Android applications in C#.