• Fundamentals of TableViews
  • ListViews and Adapters in Android
  • Customizing TableViews
  • TToolbar and App Bar
  • Navigation Patterns
  • Android Navigation
  • Patterns for Cross Platform Mobile Development
  • Data Binding in Xamarin.Forms
  • Using ListView in Xamarin.Forms
  • Mobile Application Architecture
  • Xamarin.Forms Effects
  • Diagnosing Memory Management Issues


This course is for developers that are Xamarin Certified Professional, but want to get their Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer certification.


Students should have significant previous experience with the C# programming language and familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts such as inheritance and interfaces.


Five days


Outline for Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer Training

1. ListViews and Adapters

Use Android ListView to display a data collection in your UI.

2. Customizing TableViews

Create a unique look for your Table View rows by implementing a custom UITableViewCell.

3. Toolbar and App Bar

Create a menu using Toolbar and set it as your Activity’s App Bar.

4. Navigation Patterns

Implement the stack, tab, master-detail, and pager UI navigation patterns.

5. Android navigation

Implement the tab, gestural, and drawer UI navigation patterns.

6. Patterns for Cross Platform Mobile Development

Use the Factory pattern, the Service Locator pattern, and Dependency Injection to access platform-specific API's from shared code in a loosely-coupled manner.

7. Data Binding in Xamarin.Forms

Use Data Binding in Xamarin.Forms to connect your application's data to your UI.

8. Using ListView in Xamarin.Forms

Use the Xamarin.Forms ListView control to display scrolling lists of interactive data.

9. Mobile Application Architecture

Learn common architectural principals and styles to properly structure your mobile app.

10. Using Effects in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms UI elements are model objects that are converted to native platform controls at runtime. To take full advantage of each platform’s unique style and patterns you can work directly with the native controls rather than the Xamarin.Forms elements. This course shows you how to use Effects to access and customize the native peer controls. This gives you the same power to modify the appearance of your UI as a native developer.

11. Diagnosing Memory Management Issues

Locate and fix memory problems in your Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android applications.