• Understand why Blockchain is needed and where                      
  • Explore the major components of Blockchain
  • Learn about Hyperledger Fabric and the structure of the Hyperledger Architecture
  • Lean the features of the Fabric model including chaincode, SDKs, Ledger, Security and Membership Services
  • Perform comprehensive labs on writing chaincode
  • Explore the architecture of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Understand and perform in depth labs on Bootstrapping the Network
  • Gain a detailed understanding of the benefits, components and architecture of Hyperledger Composer
  • Learn Hyperledger Explorer and Hyperledger Composer Playground
  • Perform comprehensive labs to integrate/develop an application with Hyperledger Fabric running a smart contract
  • Build applications on Hyperledger Fabric


What you'll learn in the Blockchain Technology Workshop:

  • Blockchain Technology Overview
  • Hyperledger Framework
  • Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals
  • Chaincode Development
  • Build Applications in Hyperledger


This course is meant for developers and is focused on building applications with Hyperledger Fabric.


Knowledge in Java. Javascript or Golang is advised. 


Three days,

Outline for Hyperledger Fabric Development Workshop Training

  • Course Introduction   
  • What is a Blockchain   
  • Enterprise Blockchains
  • Industry Adoption and Use Cases
  • Blockchain Components   
  • Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric   
  • Chaincode/ Smart Contracts   
  • Architecting Hyperledger Fabric   
  • Networking and Bootstrap   
  • Hyperledger Composer   
  • Hyperledger Composer Playground   
  • Hyperledger Tools